Day 3..To The West Side


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The next day was not too much different from the last. We started the drive not being able to wait until we saw the “Welcome To New Mexico” sign so that we would finally be out of Texas!!

We stopped at a rest stop that morning and got attacked by the biggest grasshoppers I have ever seen in my life!!!!!! As I got out of the truck with Bubba I started seeing a bunch of bugs jumping up every step we took. At first I wasn’t even sure what it was. Then it happened, they all (and when I say all, I mean TONS) started attacking me! They would fly right at me and smack right into me. I was out there screaming like a mad woman!!

When we started getting closer to El Paso, we had to go through border partol. The officer asked Jeremy what country he was a citizen of and where we were headed. He then asked me and Bubba jumped up out of the floor barking at him! My little protector did not like anyone asking his Mommy questions 🙂

As we passed through El Paso, on the right hand side you have the nice city with a lot of shopping centers and dining. You look to your left on the other side of the interstate, and you see Juarez, Mexico with its little shacks on top of each other with no power lines. It is crazy! I now sooo understand why people cross the border to come over to America!

We were Finally out of Texas and passed through New Mexico and then Arizona. The scenery was not too much different from Texas. Alot of desert land and big, beautiful rock mountains.

We again had to stop for the night early due to the dogs. Earlier in the day I could tell Remy was getting frustrated with Bubba in the truck. She had made herself a nice bed in the floor and gotten comfortable and Bubba kept going from my lap to the floor. I told Jeremy that she was going to end up mad at him and sure enough, that evening a fight broke out. She was done!! We stopped in Tucson for the night.

Only about 3 more hours in the morning and we would finally see California!!


Day 2…Texas


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Texas, Texas, Texas. That is one state I have NO desire to return to! Everyone had already told me that we would spend a whole day in Texas, but I had no idea it would be the longest day of our lives!!

At first, it was pretty. I enjoyed all the hay fields and cows. Seeing the oil rigs was neat as well to see. And boy there is alot of them! Some would be working and drilling and others were not. A few hours into the state, we continued down the interstate into a lot of nothingness. I am very serious!! We drove for a few hours down a straight road with nothing at all. No food, no gas stations, no stores, nothing. I do not know for the life of me how anyone could live out there! You have no choice but to grow your own food because you would have to drive hours just to get to a grocery store!

Being in Texas was the first time I ever saw windmills in person. They are magnificent!! Seeing them on tv you don’t realize how big they really are. There was a huge field the went as far as you could see that had tons of windmills in it. A few houses set right at the edge of the field by the road and had the most beautiful view right in their backyards!

That evening we stopped to have dinner and when we came back to the truck, Remy refused to get back in. She had had enough of it for the day!! So we got a hotel early that evening to please her and let her rest without Bubba being on top of her in the truck. This is when we discovered that Max (our snake we have had for 13 years) did not make it. We had been worried about his because we knew already he did not do good on car rides so this trip was really pushing it. That really put a damper on the night. His body is now resting in Big Springs, Texas but his spirit remains with us!!

We had a little ways more to go to be through Texas and onto New Mexico!!

Goodbye Southeast! It’s Been A Great 28 Years!


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Our trip across the US started out pretty good. We got the truck all packed up on Thursday and headed out Friday June 29th around noon. Our first day was not filled with too much excitement but we sure did have a lot of beautiful scenery along the way. About 2 hours into our day, we said goodbye to Georgia and crossed into Alabama. I have been a few times so it wasn’t really anything new. Lots and lots of green pastures along the route. We then crossed into Mississippi. There was not a lot different scenery wise as what we had just seen in Alabama.

We crossed the Mississippi bridge which was neat. I didn’t realize how high up it was until Jeremy said something about it and then I looked down!! It was neat to see the casinos on the waters edge. We stopped at a rest area and it was so hot outside the dogs would not even put their paws on the pavement and wanted back in the truck! Poor things!!

As it started to get dark outside, we got into Louisiana. Again, not much different with what we had already been seeing. By the end of the night we crossed the Texas state line and stopped for the night. And it’s a good thing too because we did not realize how draining Texas really is! I’ll get into that tomorrow!!

I’m Baacckkkk!!!!

Here I am again! The past few weeks have been absolutely crazy! I have not had time to get much of anything done since the move. We made it to California and are settled (finally)! The cable and internet got hooked up last week so I can get back on track with my blogging again. Woohoo!! I have soooo much to tell you all about the move. The trip was, well, lets just call it an adventure! I am going to be telling you all about it over the next few days. I have missed you all 🙂

Oh My Goodness, It’s Almost Time!!!!!!


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Sorry I have been neglecting you guys on here!! The past few weeks have been soooo busy! As you all know, we are moving to California…IN 2 DAYS!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe it is almost time already! We have everything packed up and ready to put on the truck. We will be leaving Friday morning and heading West. We cannot get into our new apartment until Monday so we are not in a rush to get there. This way we can take our time and enjoy the views! I am anxious but also so very excited to see something new. I can’t wait to get the pups to the beach!! I will be posting lots of pics once we arrive and let you know all about the adventure!

Back In The Day – Family Vacations


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When I was young, Nanna, Amber and myself would go on vacation every summer with our cousins John and Susie. Since my birthday is in the summertime, July 31, I usually got to pick where we went to. I almost always chose amusement parks even though I was too small to ride the fun rides. One year, I wanted to go to the beach. So we planned our first trip to Dayton Beach, Florida. I was probably about 5 years old at the time.

I was so excited about going to the ocean. I have always loved to be in the water. I would go swimming everyday now if I had a pool! On the car ride to Florida, John stated telling me how there are sharks in the ocean and how they will come to shore and bite little girls. I was terrified then! I made up my mind that I was not going to go near the water if I was going to be bitten by a shark. Nanna tried to tell me that he was only playing but I was scared now.

When we arrived, I would only get in the swimming pool at the hotel and refused to go to the beach. Finally, Nanna convinced me that it was ok because Amber got into the water and she didn’t get bit. That made me feel a little better about it. I got in the ocean, but not far in. I still wasn’t too sure I wouldn’t get bit by a shark! After a little while of playing, the problem now was getting me Out of the ocean! I loved it and I still do.

I am so excited for our move to California since the beach will be right there for me anytime I want it 🙂

Its Me Again!

Sorry I have not been able to blog much lately. We have been so busy the past few weeks!! Jeremy and I have been getting everything packed up to get ready for the move in 2 weeks. I usually try to find time at work when I get a free second to set up some blogs but have not had the time this week. I am having to train a new girl to take my place at work. On top of training her, my boss is on vacation this week so I have to run the office when she is gone. Needless to say, I have been one busy girl!! I hope to get some blogs together to share with you all!!

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

High Falls


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We started our vacation week by going to High Falls State Park by Jackson, GA. Jeremy and I had been before and always wanted to bring the pups to enjoy it. They loved it! It is a beautiful park with waterfalls, creeks, camping and walking trails. We took Remy and Bubba on the tails in the woods. It was a long walk, but it was great! We hope to make it there again before we move.

Mermaids?? I Believe So…


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Over the weekend I watched a great show on Animal Planet called Mermaids: The Body Found. It was extremely interesting and full of information I had never heard before. Now that the show has aired, of course, all the reports on it are saying it is fake and that the scientists telling their stories are actors and everything that can be said to disprove it. I have never really given much thought to whether or not mermaids do exist or not, but now, I believe.

The documentary is the story of 2 scientists who first hand saw all the evidence they needed to prove that mermaids do in fact exist. Evidence that was all confiscated by the government.

As far back as 1997, the scientists picked up sounds in the sea that had never before been heard. In the recordings, you hear whales, dolphins, and “something” else. There has been several instances of the Navy testing sonar in the ocean and causing beaching of whales and dolphins. The Navy of course denies this, but is has been proven. In 2004 one such beaching occurred and two 14-year-old boys that lived nearby made it to the site before anyone else. They had their cell phone with them and recorded what they saw. In the video, you see at first a webbed hand. As the boys get closer, they see the mermaid body laying on the beach. They reported what they saw, and it was put on record. Not long after, the government was at their homes and convinced the boys that what they saw was not what they in fact saw, and the official report was changed to omit the part about seeing the body. The one thing they didn’t think about was the boys cell phone, which still held the video of what was on the beach that day.

This was not the only occurrence of people seeing such mermaids. Fisherman got concerned because they had began to catch fish in the middle of the ocean that would have spears in them. What was attempting to catch these fish, in the middle of the ocean?? One group of fishers went back with their cameras in hand. On one of their videos, you see “something” in their nets with an arm that reaches out and then the body jumps out of the net and back into the ocean. Mermaid? I think so!

The scientist had been doing more and more research to find what was really out there. There was another beaching in Africa in 2007. They went to investigate. At that time, a shark was caught nearby and they were called to the scene. They could not believe what they found. Inside the shark were parts of some sort of body. As they looked at the shark, they noticed a puncture wound around its mouth. There was a dagger from a stingray stuck inside the puncture wound. How did that get there?? They got all the parts out of the shark and began to study it and try to figure it out. Inside they found most of a body, including a part of a head, most of a hand, a tail-fin and pelvic type bone. Also they found a tool of some sort that had a hole in it. At first they didn’t know what to make of it. Until they remembered the stingray dagger that was in the shark. The dagger fit perfectly into that tool! It was made out of a stingray tail and stingray back bone, which was split to hold the tail as the dagger. Who made that?? Now all those spears made sense in all the fish found in the ocean! The government knew they were studying it, and they let them do so to get all the information they wanted. As soon as the scientist figured things out, the government showed up one day and took every bit of evidence they had. All except the sonar recording they had of the communication under the ocean. They were of course upset that they lost everything they had been working so hard on, but the recordings told it all. They were able to figure out that the mermaids were communicating with dolphins. They spoke to one another back and forth. This is the only time two different species have communicated together!! Dolphins have been known to help fisherman in other countries. The dolphins will gather fish to the shore for the fisherman to catch them, and in return the fisherman share the fish with the dolphins. Where did dolphins learn to do this??

The scientists were able to visit the boys who had witnessed the mermaid body and asked them to describe what it looked like. What they told them was exactly the same kind of markings on the head of the body they found in the shark.

Even in ancient times there were tales of mermaids. The evidence of that are carvings of mermaid-like creatures swimming alongside whales. They had not heard of these tales all those years ago, so what were their drawings of?? Something they had also seen??

There are many similarities in man and marine mammals:
webbing between fingers and toes (other primates don’t have this)
subcutaneous fat (insulating from cold water)
control over breath (humans can hold their breath up to 20 minutes, longer than any other terrestrial animal)
loss of body hair (hair creates drag in water)
instinctive ability to swim (human babies can swim)

It really was an excellent show with so much information that made it all real. Unfortunately, I have checked to see when it will be on again, and I don’t see it being aired again at all. Wonder why????

I know that I believe! As much as I love the water and love to swim, I may have been a mermaid in my past life!