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Texas, Texas, Texas. That is one state I have NO desire to return to! Everyone had already told me that we would spend a whole day in Texas, but I had no idea it would be the longest day of our lives!!

At first, it was pretty. I enjoyed all the hay fields and cows. Seeing the oil rigs was neat as well to see. And boy there is alot of them! Some would be working and drilling and others were not. A few hours into the state, we continued down the interstate into a lot of nothingness. I am very serious!! We drove for a few hours down a straight road with nothing at all. No food, no gas stations, no stores, nothing. I do not know for the life of me how anyone could live out there! You have no choice but to grow your own food because you would have to drive hours just to get to a grocery store!

Being in Texas was the first time I ever saw windmills in person. They are magnificent!! Seeing them on tv you don’t realize how big they really are. There was a huge field the went as far as you could see that had tons of windmills in it. A few houses set right at the edge of the field by the road and had the most beautiful view right in their backyards!

That evening we stopped to have dinner and when we came back to the truck, Remy refused to get back in. She had had enough of it for the day!! So we got a hotel early that evening to please her and let her rest without Bubba being on top of her in the truck. This is when we discovered that Max (our snake we have had for 13 years) did not make it. We had been worried about his because we knew already he did not do good on car rides so this trip was really pushing it. That really put a damper on the night. His body is now resting in Big Springs, Texas but his spirit remains with us!!

We had a little ways more to go to be through Texas and onto New Mexico!!