It’s Friday!!!

Today is a good day! It’s Friday, I only had a 3 day work week, and next week I’m off for vacation! 5:00 can’t get here quick enough! Hope everyone has a fab weekend 🙂


Pitchers & Teapots


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I have found a new hobby, collecting pitchers and teapots. My Nanna had quite a collection of pitchers as I was growing up and I always loved them. I have a couple of hers now. Over time I hope to have as large a collection as she did!

I have found that the best place to find little teapots and ceramic pitchers is at antique shops. When we were in Zion, IL over the summer, there was a small antique shop across the street from our hotel. One afternoon we went over and took a look inside. They had some wonderful finds! I purchased 2 miniature teapots and a matching mini teacup. Second hand stores and garage sales are also a great way to find these items.

My collection continues to grow all the time 🙂

The pic above is of Jeremy and I (I was 15 he was 16) at my Nanna’s house. In the background is one of her china cabinets that she kept some of her pitchers on top of.

Atlanta Braves Game 755 Style


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Sunday evening Jeremy, Mike (his dad) and I went to Turner Field to watch the Braves play against the Washington National’s. I must admit, I am spoiled when it comes to going to baseball games! 2 seasons ago, Jeremy worked at the ball field at the 755 Club. It is a section of Turner Field that is located on the backside of the stadium where you have the option to watch the game outside or inside in the air conditioning. The inside has several tables and lounge areas with bars for drinking and tv’s all around displaying the ball game as well as other sporting events currently playing. You have to have a membership to get into the club since it is such a nice location and way to see the game. It is mostly your “higher income” people since it is pretty costly to have a membership. Being that Jeremy used to work for them, he is able to get reservations for us without a membership. The first time he took me up there and I didn’t have to watch the game out in the hot sun, I told him I was hooked!! For me, it is the best experience you can have at a ballgame. The food in the club is quite expensive, but well worth it.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit the 755 Club during a Braves game, take advantage. I promise, you will love it!

Atlanta Jazz Festival at Piedmont Park


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This past weekend was the annual Jazz Festival in Piedmont Park here in Atlanta. It is 2 days of music, food and shopping. If you have never been to Piedmont Park, it is a beautiful park to visit on any day. It is also a very big park.

The stages for the jazz musicians are placed in the fields so that there is plenty of seating for all of the crowd.

As you first enter the park, all of the food vendors are lined up selling all varieties of food. They had one of my festival favorites, frozen chocolate covered bananas. Yummm!!!

Further down the park are all of the other different vendors selling artwork, handmade jewelry and clothing and other great finds. There was even a guy walking around selling baby turtles!!

We had a great time and I’m so glad we were able to take part in the festival one last time before leaving Atlanta!!

What A Weekend!


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This had been quite a weekend! Jeremy’s father came in town to visit us so we stayed busy entertaining! Saturday we spent the afternoon at the Atlanta Jazz Festival in Piedmont Park. They have music, tons of food vendors, jewelry sellers as well as art for sale. We had a really good time. Yesterday we went back to the festival so that I could purchase a few more rings before heading to Turner Field for the Braves baseball game.

I will be posting all about our weekend over the next few days. I will be blogging about all the great food we had on my food blog as well (

Hope all of you had a great holiday weekend!!!!!

Ready For The Weekend


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Is it Friday yet????? This week has lasted way too long! We have been so busy getting things ready for the move to California. We have been getting a lot of things packed up so our office is now full of boxes. Jeremy and I decided to sell most of our furniture that we have now and buy all new stuff when we arrive out West. That will be much easier on us moving everything into our new place since it will be just him and I. We are ready to get these next few weeks over and start this adventure!!

Jeremy’s dad is coming in town tomorrow and staying with us for the weekend. We guess he knew he better come and see Jeremy before we get gone as it will be a long time before we get to make it back to Tennessee again, probably a few years. We hope we get some guests out West after we move! His father will fly out there but we don’t know about anyone else. I hope my Aunt Linda will come visit! Her husband is originally from San Diego and I think he is on board to come out!!

I will be busy all evening getting the house in order for our company. Jeremy has tomorrow off of work, lucky dog!! We both are off Monday and Tuesday so that is good. Except for I have to go to the doctor Tuesday. It is time again for my 3 month test to make sure the cancer is still gone. Pray for me!!

My Aunt Linda


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This is my Aunt Linda. She is my mother’s sister and she means the world to me! She is almost the last person in my family that I am in regular contact with. We email each other almost everyday. She lives in Concord, North Carolina so we have not seen one another for a long time. She and my Uncle Mike, he passed away several years ago) used to come to visit us every year at Christmas at Nanna’s house. My sister, Amber, and I traveled once with our Granddaddy (her father) to North Carolina to stay at Aunt Linda’s for a few days. It was a trip I still remember! A while after Uncle Mike passed, she remarried to a wonderful man named Mac.

When I found out I had cancer, she was one of the first people I told. She had gone through the exact same thing a few years before so I knew she would know what I was feeling and going through. She was there for me throughout the whole process of testing and treatment. I don’t know what I would have done without here there for me the way she was. She let me know what to expect next all the time and that really helped me a lot so that then I would not be going into it all completely blind. It was also a help to know that she made it through it all fine and that I could do the same.

She and I are so much alike it’s scary!! We like the same foods, same shows, and same drivers (GO JR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I will forever be thankful to Aunt Linda for caring and loving me the way she did. I love you!!!!!!!

Happy Monday!!


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This weekend went by way to fast!! Saturday Jeremy and I went downtown to Little 5 Points and walked around for a bit. We grabbed some lunch at Savage Pizza, mine was wonderful, Jeremy’s not so much. We were going to check out the Auburn Fest but there were way to many people there and we could not find a place to park without having to pay. Our Sunday was spent grocery shopping, doing laundry and other housework. Fun! Hope everyone has a fabulous week!!