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Our trip across the US started out pretty good. We got the truck all packed up on Thursday and headed out Friday June 29th around noon. Our first day was not filled with too much excitement but we sure did have a lot of beautiful scenery along the way. About 2 hours into our day, we said goodbye to Georgia and crossed into Alabama. I have been a few times so it wasn’t really anything new. Lots and lots of green pastures along the route. We then crossed into Mississippi. There was not a lot different scenery wise as what we had just seen in Alabama.

We crossed the Mississippi bridge which was neat. I didn’t realize how high up it was until Jeremy said something about it and then I looked down!! It was neat to see the casinos on the waters edge. We stopped at a rest area and it was so hot outside the dogs would not even put their paws on the pavement and wanted back in the truck! Poor things!!

As it started to get dark outside, we got into Louisiana. Again, not much different with what we had already been seeing. By the end of the night we crossed the Texas state line and stopped for the night. And it’s a good thing too because we did not realize how draining Texas really is! I’ll get into that tomorrow!!