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Over the weekend I watched a great show on Animal Planet called Mermaids: The Body Found. It was extremely interesting and full of information I had never heard before. Now that the show has aired, of course, all the reports on it are saying it is fake and that the scientists telling their stories are actors and everything that can be said to disprove it. I have never really given much thought to whether or not mermaids do exist or not, but now, I believe.

The documentary is the story of 2 scientists who first hand saw all the evidence they needed to prove that mermaids do in fact exist. Evidence that was all confiscated by the government.

As far back as 1997, the scientists picked up sounds in the sea that had never before been heard. In the recordings, you hear whales, dolphins, and “something” else. There has been several instances of the Navy testing sonar in the ocean and causing beaching of whales and dolphins. The Navy of course denies this, but is has been proven. In 2004 one such beaching occurred and two 14-year-old boys that lived nearby made it to the site before anyone else. They had their cell phone with them and recorded what they saw. In the video, you see at first a webbed hand. As the boys get closer, they see the mermaid body laying on the beach. They reported what they saw, and it was put on record. Not long after, the government was at their homes and convinced the boys that what they saw was not what they in fact saw, and the official report was changed to omit the part about seeing the body. The one thing they didn’t think about was the boys cell phone, which still held the video of what was on the beach that day.

This was not the only occurrence of people seeing such mermaids. Fisherman got concerned because they had began to catch fish in the middle of the ocean that would have spears in them. What was attempting to catch these fish, in the middle of the ocean?? One group of fishers went back with their cameras in hand. On one of their videos, you see “something” in their nets with an arm that reaches out and then the body jumps out of the net and back into the ocean. Mermaid? I think so!

The scientist had been doing more and more research to find what was really out there. There was another beaching in Africa in 2007. They went to investigate. At that time, a shark was caught nearby and they were called to the scene. They could not believe what they found. Inside the shark were parts of some sort of body. As they looked at the shark, they noticed a puncture wound around its mouth. There was a dagger from a stingray stuck inside the puncture wound. How did that get there?? They got all the parts out of the shark and began to study it and try to figure it out. Inside they found most of a body, including a part of a head, most of a hand, a tail-fin and pelvic type bone. Also they found a tool of some sort that had a hole in it. At first they didn’t know what to make of it. Until they remembered the stingray dagger that was in the shark. The dagger fit perfectly into that tool! It was made out of a stingray tail and stingray back bone, which was split to hold the tail as the dagger. Who made that?? Now all those spears made sense in all the fish found in the ocean! The government knew they were studying it, and they let them do so to get all the information they wanted. As soon as the scientist figured things out, the government showed up one day and took every bit of evidence they had. All except the sonar recording they had of the communication under the ocean. They were of course upset that they lost everything they had been working so hard on, but the recordings told it all. They were able to figure out that the mermaids were communicating with dolphins. They spoke to one another back and forth. This is the only time two different species have communicated together!! Dolphins have been known to help fisherman in other countries. The dolphins will gather fish to the shore for the fisherman to catch them, and in return the fisherman share the fish with the dolphins. Where did dolphins learn to do this??

The scientists were able to visit the boys who had witnessed the mermaid body and asked them to describe what it looked like. What they told them was exactly the same kind of markings on the head of the body they found in the shark.

Even in ancient times there were tales of mermaids. The evidence of that are carvings of mermaid-like creatures swimming alongside whales. They had not heard of these tales all those years ago, so what were their drawings of?? Something they had also seen??

There are many similarities in man and marine mammals:
webbing between fingers and toes (other primates don’t have this)
subcutaneous fat (insulating from cold water)
control over breath (humans can hold their breath up to 20 minutes, longer than any other terrestrial animal)
loss of body hair (hair creates drag in water)
instinctive ability to swim (human babies can swim)

It really was an excellent show with so much information that made it all real. Unfortunately, I have checked to see when it will be on again, and I don’t see it being aired again at all. Wonder why????

I know that I believe! As much as I love the water and love to swim, I may have been a mermaid in my past life!