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The next day was not too much different from the last. We started the drive not being able to wait until we saw the “Welcome To New Mexico” sign so that we would finally be out of Texas!!

We stopped at a rest stop that morning and got attacked by the biggest grasshoppers I have ever seen in my life!!!!!! As I got out of the truck with Bubba I started seeing a bunch of bugs jumping up every step we took. At first I wasn’t even sure what it was. Then it happened, they all (and when I say all, I mean TONS) started attacking me! They would fly right at me and smack right into me. I was out there screaming like a mad woman!!

When we started getting closer to El Paso, we had to go through border partol. The officer asked Jeremy what country he was a citizen of and where we were headed. He then asked me and Bubba jumped up out of the floor barking at him! My little protector did not like anyone asking his Mommy questions 🙂

As we passed through El Paso, on the right hand side you have the nice city with a lot of shopping centers and dining. You look to your left on the other side of the interstate, and you see Juarez, Mexico with its little shacks on top of each other with no power lines. It is crazy! I now sooo understand why people cross the border to come over to America!

We were Finally out of Texas and passed through New Mexico and then Arizona. The scenery was not too much different from Texas. Alot of desert land and big, beautiful rock mountains.

We again had to stop for the night early due to the dogs. Earlier in the day I could tell Remy was getting frustrated with Bubba in the truck. She had made herself a nice bed in the floor and gotten comfortable and Bubba kept going from my lap to the floor. I told Jeremy that she was going to end up mad at him and sure enough, that evening a fight broke out. She was done!! We stopped in Tucson for the night.

Only about 3 more hours in the morning and we would finally see California!!