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I have found a new hobby, collecting pitchers and teapots. My Nanna had quite a collection of pitchers as I was growing up and I always loved them. I have a couple of hers now. Over time I hope to have as large a collection as she did!

I have found that the best place to find little teapots and ceramic pitchers is at antique shops. When we were in Zion, IL over the summer, there was a small antique shop across the street from our hotel. One afternoon we went over and took a look inside. They had some wonderful finds! I purchased 2 miniature teapots and a matching mini teacup. Second hand stores and garage sales are also a great way to find these items.

My collection continues to grow all the time 🙂

The pic above is of Jeremy and I (I was 15 he was 16) at my Nanna’s house. In the background is one of her china cabinets that she kept some of her pitchers on top of.