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Is it Friday yet????? This week has lasted way too long! We have been so busy getting things ready for the move to California. We have been getting a lot of things packed up so our office is now full of boxes. Jeremy and I decided to sell most of our furniture that we have now and buy all new stuff when we arrive out West. That will be much easier on us moving everything into our new place since it will be just him and I. We are ready to get these next few weeks over and start this adventure!!

Jeremy’s dad is coming in town tomorrow and staying with us for the weekend. We guess he knew he better come and see Jeremy before we get gone as it will be a long time before we get to make it back to Tennessee again, probably a few years. We hope we get some guests out West after we move! His father will fly out there but we don’t know about anyone else. I hope my Aunt Linda will come visit! Her husband is originally from San Diego and I think he is on board to come out!!

I will be busy all evening getting the house in order for our company. Jeremy has tomorrow off of work, lucky dog!! We both are off Monday and Tuesday so that is good. Except for I have to go to the doctor Tuesday. It is time again for my 3 month test to make sure the cancer is still gone. Pray for me!!