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Jeremy and I finally got to go to the race Sunday that we have always wanted to, Talladega baby!!!! It was the best NASCAR experience we have had yet! It took almost 2 hours to arrive to Lincoln, Alabama where the super speedway is located. It had rained a little on the way to the track but had stopped by the time we arrived. You could not have asked for better weather!

Jeremy found the tickets online to purchase. 2 brothers, Tim and Scott, have lifetime tickets and hold another pair of seats for a couple that normally join them for the race. Lucky for us, the others could not make it this time so they put the tickets up for sale. From this sale, we made 8 new friends!! Jeremy had spoken with Tim and he had invited us to join them for tailgating (a redneck tradition at NASCAR) before the race began. We arrived just in time for the race almost (Jeremy is Never on time 🙂 ) so we missed the beginning festivities. We met up with the group at our seats. It was Tim, his girlfriend, Scott and his wife, Tracie, Tim and Scott’s other brother Nemo and the daughter of Tim’s lady. Tracie is a really nice, outgoing lady who brought along 2 more women she befriended a few rows below us! We all met up at their truck after the race for a while to let traffic die down. We had great food, music, talks and lots of laughter! (especially laughing at the 3 drunk men nearby wrestling!!)

We are so glad we got to make it to Talladega before we make this move to the other side of the country. We sure did enjoy it!!!!!

Go Jr #8 !!!!!!!!