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These are my babies! They are like our children and we treat them that way and most of the time they act like children!

Remy turned 11 on February 22 of this year. Jeremy got her from a lady he was working with back in 2001 at HT Hackney in Johnson City. She was from Erwin, TN and she let him know her dog had had puppies and she was needing to give them away as she was not able to keep all of them. Jeremy, of course being an animal lover, said to bring him one. Within a few days, she brought this sweet-faced little girl puppy to work with her. Jeremy named the pup Remy (after Remy Martin the rapper). She is 1/2 american terrier and 1/2 blue tick hound dog. When Jeremy got Remy, they were not supposed to have pets where his mother currently was living so we asked my Nanna if Remy could live at our house as long as Jeremy came by everyday to take proper care of her. Nanna agreed and we put Remy in our front yard under 2 big trees where my childhood dog, Mr. Bill, had once lived.  She lived outside until we moved to Atlanta and she then became and indoor dog due to us moving into an apartment. The change was surprisingly very easy for her. I have to say, she is the most well-behaved dog I have ever seen in my life. She has had 3 sets of puppies in her time. unfortunately, we were not able to keep any of them and have had to give all of them away. Remy and Jeremy was made for each other! She is layed back and cool just like he is! I don’t think either of them could do without the other one!!

Bubba is a mix breed of German Shepard and something else, we just are not sure what that something else is! He turned 3 on March 5. Jeremy was walking to catch the train one day and called me to say he had found a puppy on the side of the road and wanted me to come and pick it up and take it to an animal shelter to make sure it got out of the street. When I picked him up, I could not bear to take him any place! He had the sweetest face I had ever seen! I took him to our house and introduced him to Remy. I was not sure what Remy would think since she had been an “only child” for so long. She really just looked confused at first as Bubba would run all around her and bite at her legs. Soon enough, they were best friends!Bubba is just the opposite of Remy attitude wise. He stays hyper-active from the second he opens his eyes in the morning! He loves to run and play and see what he can get into. He holds a special place in my heart because I can’t imagine someone letting him out on the side of the road. He gets away with a lot because of that and I think he has figured it out!

Until we have a child of our own (we have considered adoption, but not sure yet) we are blessed to have these 2 precious pups in our lives!!!