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When I meet most people, the first thing they ask me is if I’m from Alabama. (I guess I’m more country than I think I am) But no, I was born and raised in a little small town in east Tennessee that they call Johnson City. My whole family has lived in the town their whole lives. My nanna was born in Johnson City and so were her parents. My mother was born in Redwood, California but then moved to JC as a child.

There is not much at all in Johnson City. That was one of the reasons we moved to Atlanta from there. It is a good place to raise kids though. It is a nice, quiet town.  I would like to move back there when we are retired and old.

The city is growing all the time. Every time we visit home we see something new that was not there before. Once we are moved to California we will not be visiting home very ofter due to the distance.I can’t wait to see how much changes there after a couple of years!

The video above really shows what Johnson City is all about!