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A coworker introduced me to the most fabulous website a while back called Pinterest. I absolutely love this site! It is a collection of different photos under many categories, such as home, gardens, women’s apparel, pets, kids, photography, food and several more. You create your own boards to save whatever you like. You go through the section that interests you, and you pin it to your board. Get it, Pin your Interest, Pinterest! Clever, huh?!

You can follow other people’s boards and see what they saved and others can follow yours to see your stuff. I have several boards at this time. I have a home board that I save home decorating ideas, a growing garden board with tips for gardening. Another board is for recipes, one for clothes, good quotes, shoes and my favorite two boards are craft ideas and one I named Fab Things that is things that are, well, fab!!

This really takes the place of cutting out ideas and things from magazines and saving for a later date. I have several decorating and craft ideas cut out ready to be put into a book that I will no longer be making due to Pinterest!

Go to www.pinterest.com and check it out!! Or follow my pins, courTNey cundiff is my user name!