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While I was sick, I decided once I got through the cancer, it was time for a change. Jeremy has tried for many years to get me to move again. I have never really wanted to. I love Atlanta so much I just couldn’t imagine living any place else. Going through something like cancer makes you look at life completely differently than you did before. I now realize that life it too short and I need to take me chances and try new things. At the end of August, right after I had come back from Chicago, Jeremy and I were in a car accident. It was awful! That was it for me, I was ready for something different and as we were going down the road, I told Jeremy we can move now. He had wanted to move to either Florida, Texas or California. I said I wanted to go ahead and give California a try. So the current plan it to move out west in June. I am so excited for it! I think it is really going to be great there. And it is Jeremy’s kind of place so I know he will love it. I can’t wait to see Remy and Bubba’s reaction to the beach!

I cannot have children due to the radiation I received during treatment. I never really gave having kids much thought up until I was told it couldn’t happen. The doctors gave me the option to freeze my eggs before I began treatment so that I could do in vitro later on to try to get preagnet. I didn’t want to do that because it is way too expensive and not a guarantee. Another option I had was to save me eggs for a surrogate to carry for me. Another person carrying my child is just not something I would do either. Jeremy and I have discussed adoption but we aren’t quite sure yet if it is something we will look further into in the future or not. Jeremy said it is my choice if we do it or not. He is fine with whatever I decide on that. I really don’t know at this point in my life. That is something I will have to think about and make that choice later on down the road.

Life had endless possibilities and who knows what the future holds. I have been through things I never imagined I would deal with so I know there is no telling what’s coming up next.