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By the time I was 19, things in our house had changed. Amber had 2 little boys, Shannon and Dylan. They were, and still are, the most precious, smartest and sweetest boys in the world. It’s hard to believe they are 13 and 12 years old now. At this time, I was ready to move out on my own. Jeremy and I rented our first house on Wall Street in Johnson City. We were so excited to take our dog, Remy, all our belongings and move it. It was a small 3 bedroom house but it was good for us. In 2005, we were ready for a change. We traveled to Atlanta, Georgia all the time so we decided to move there. In May, we got an apartment in Riverdale. We couldn’t have been happier! Our little family grew over the next few years when we found a little puppy I named Bubba. Finally, Remy had a playmate!

In September 2009, my Nanna passed away. Earlier that year, there had been a discussion about September 11 and Jeremy made the comment that something big was going to happen on that day that year. How I wish he hadn’t been right that time. September 11, 2009 I had to say my final goodbyes to her at the funeral. That was the hardest, saddest day of my life. But I had to get over it and be happy again. I knew that is what she would want me to do. So hard as it was, that is what I did. We got back to normal everyday life and things were going great for us again. Life really seemed to be looking up. Little did we know that in April 2011, our lives as we knew them would be changed forever….

To Be Continued..