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I just finished this book over the weekend, A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown. It is a true story of this remarkable woman’s life and all of the obstacles she overcame. Cupcake was born and raised in Southern California. When she was just 11 years old, she found her mother dead in their home. At that time, she and her brother found out the man they had always known to be their father, in fact was not. Their biological father then decided he wanted to show up and be in their lives because he realized there was money to be gotten from the death of the kids mother, and Cupcake and her brother were taken from the only father they knew. Their mom had an insurance policy that he wanted to get his hands on. Although he wanted the money, he wanted nothing to do with the children. He made a deal with a lady worked as a foster parent for the kids to live with her and they would split the check she received each month for taking them in. Not long after, the foster mother began to beat Cupcake and the lady’s son began to rape her. She ended up running away several times. She wound up in another foster home in which the father of the house would force her to have sex with him. She again ran away to the streets. She found what she thought to be love from a gang that she joined. Her life of crime really began then. Robbing, drugging, drinking, stealing, prostituting, you name it, she took part in it.

She got out of the gang life and moved to San Diego. She continued to drink and do drugs but firmly believed she did not have a problem because she was able to keep a job the whole time. Barely, though. She was always drunk or high at work. Cupcake was lucky to have a boss that cared enough about her to not fire her and kept giving her chance after chance.

Finally, she woke up and realized this was not the right kind of life. She went to rehab and joined AA & NA meetings and got off of drugs and alcohol. She also removed herself from her friends that did drugs still to not be tempted. Cupcake got herself into a community college and ended up in law school and became a lawyer.

It’s a wonderful, yet shocking, story of overcoming whatever is put in your way and coming out on top. It’s a great read!