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On Sunday July 31, 1983 at 10:01a.m. I came into this world at Johnson City Medical Center. My family at that time consisted of my Nanna, my mother, father, sister Amber and my half-brother, Chris. Everyone lived with Nanna at that time (except Chris, he lived with his mom). By age 7, both of my parents had passed. Amber and I stayed right where we had been, with Nanna and she raised us. That was really the best thing that could have ever happened to us. She was the perfect person in my eyes. I did everything with her and I never left her side. Sometimes at church, I would go to her Sunday School class with her instead of my own so that I wouldn’t have to leave her. She taught me to cook at a very young age. She made 3 meals a day, everyday. I still have her receipe books.

I went to Boones Creek Elementary and Middle Schools. For high school, I started out at Daniel Boone. That didn’t last long. I couldn’t take all the cowboys! So I transfered to Dobyns Bennett and ended up at Science Hill High School for my junior and senior years. I wound up there because of 1 reason, Jeremy. We met when I was 14 and he was 15. We’ve been together ever since…..

To Be Continued.