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Today is the Sprint Cup Food City 500 in Bristol, TN. This is the race track that made me fall in love with NASCAR. Several years ago, Jeremy took me to my very first race in Bristol. At the time, I couldn’t care less about racing. I could not see the interest in watching a bunch of cars drive in circles over and over. Once we were there, I found out why people loved it so much! I couldn’t believe how exciting watching a bunch of cars drive in circles could be. I was officially hooked. We have gone to several more races since then and I can’t wait to go to the next. Bristol is my favorite track of all for a couple of reasons. First, its right at home. You could follow the woods and end up right at the house where I grew up in Johnson City. Second, I love small tracks so much more because there is alot more action at those tracks. And most of all, I love the atmosphere at Bristol. I love all the country rednecks!!!

Dale Earnhardt, Jr.#88  is my driver, and #29 Kevin Harvick is my back-up. Jr may not have won the most races, but he is still my #1 guy!! Hopefully he will be the first to cross the finish line today in Bristol!

Boogity boogity boogity, lets go racin boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!